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To Build
varnished watercolor/ink mixed media image: 11 x 15
Endless Possibilities
varnished watercolor/ink mixed media image: 11 x 15
Gloria Miller Allen AWS   NWS   TWSA
Miscellaneous Images and Subjects.
Fairhaven Clock image: 10 x 10 Gallery West in WA                          $750.00
View from the Gallery    image: 10 x 10
Gallery West in WA           $750.00
Gate B-3       image:10 x 10       Sold
Along 101                          image: 11 x 15                  Sold
True Grit ~ American Beauty             image: 15 x 22        Sold.
Tillamook ~ OR                          image: 15 x 22                          Sold
Aspens                           image: 11 x 15                      Sold
River Sticks and Stone ~ oversized watercolor                        image: 27 x 40                        private collection
One for Three             image: 11 x 15                  Sold
JEB and the Pioneer     image: 30 x 20  NFS
Snow Swept Peaks       image: 11 x 15           Sold
Stepping Stone Series ~ oversized watercolor                                         image 20 x 40                                                  Sold
Gloria's Book
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Misc. Images
Zion Paintings
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