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     "Power Tools for Powerful Paintings"
         Gloria Miller Allen's Workshop
Concentrated Lessons on:
Workshops include:
Great Paintings have Great Design
Everyone Starts as a Beginner
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If Your Group is Interested
 in a Workshop:
Besides being full of content, my workshops aim to build confidence, give encouragement, inspiration, poetry, and fun.   
I paint many subjects, but to me, it is all about design. No matter the subject, real or abstract, my main concern is the composition.  In my workshops we spend much time on design.  Design can encompass  virtually any style from non-objective abstract to the most detailed reality.  It is never my goal in class to influence your personal or preferred style ~ only to enhance it.  We all want to make better choices earlier on in our work.  My workshop aims to give you tools to do just that.
Please feel free to contact me either by e-mail or phone. It is easy to just talk about the possibilities with no obligations. 
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Vermont Watercolor Society
Landgrove  Inn - Landgrove, Vermont
May 21-25, 2018
Contact:  Joey Bibeau
1 802 879 3965
Dilmans Art Resort
Lac  du Flambeau, WI
Sept.9-14, 2018
Contact: Sue Robertson 
715 588 3143     
The Art Museum of Eastern Idaho 
Idaho Falls, Idaho
June 6 -9, 2018
Contact: Alexa Stanger
208 524 7777
Clay Watercolor Series Workshop
Laramie County Community College
Cheyenne, Wy.
June 2 - 7, 2019
Contact: Lisa Murphy
307 778 1110
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   Short Demonstration Video

   Filmed at a Dillman's Workshop
Gloria Allen
" Finding the Light"