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"Ariella" image: 30x22 watercolor
"Friends at Big Bend" image: 20x28
Pinnacles Re-Designed - Zion National Park
Plein Air 10 x 8 sold
"River Walk" "Isaac"
From the Temple of Sinawava Area From The Court of the Patriarchs
"Sunshine on Zion Cliff" "Zion Puzzle Pieces"
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My little house in the Grotto                                                       Working in the little house.
From October 15 through November 15, 2010 I had the privilege of serving as Artist in Residence for Zion National Park.  I was provided a charming little historic house in which to live and work and was given free reign to paint where, when, and what I wanted.  The Park is partnered with the Zion Natural History Association and with Southern Utah University in the sponsorship of the Artist in Residence Program which was barely three years old when I was there.  I was the 5th artist selected to serve.  It was a grand adventure.
Part of my duty was to present two programs during the month telling about my experience and my work completed while there, so part of my time was spent preparing two power-point programs for these two presentations.  The first was given Nov. 4th at Zion Lodge.  The second was longer and was given Nov. 11th in the Great Hall on the campus of Southern Utah University.
The peaks, pinnacles, arches, walls, creatures, plants and weather of Zion National Park are endlessly fascinating.
I was able to meet many terrific people from literally all around the world as they stopped by to see what I was painting.  It was a great opportunity and I took advantage of every single minute of it.  
As Artist in Residence at Zion National Park ~ Southern Utah
Major Paintings Completed In The Park
Pinnacles of Zion                                                     image:  22 x 30               
Juniper Sky Gallery                                                               $2000.00  sold
November Comes To Zion                                                   image: 22 x 30
Now in the Permanent Collection of Zion National Park  
East-Side Red Rock Wall                     image: 22 x 30                      Sold
Now in the permanent collection of the Art Museum of Eastern Idaho
Isaac    image: 15 x 11
Juniper Sky Gallery    $650.00
Out My Window  
image: 15 x 11          Sold
Friends at Big Bend                             image: 22 x 30                          $2000.00
Sunrise High Up In The Kolob                image: 22 x 30                       $2000.00
Ariella                                     image: 30 x 22                        Sold
Zion Puzzle Pieces 
Image: 15 x 11              Sold
River Walk 
image: 15 x 11       $650.00 
Cloud Draped Peaks                       image : 30 x 22                    Sold
Safe Keeping                       image 15 x 22               
Juniper Sky Gallery                                                          $1000.00
Magical Sunshine in Zion                     image 15 x 22               sold
Juniper Sky Gallery                                                          $1000.00
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My Paintings from the Plein Air Invitational at Zion National Park 2011 All Varnished Watercolors
The Guardian of Big Bend - Zion National Park Plein Air 11 x 14 $1000.00 Purchase award 2012
The Great White Throne - Zion National Park
Plein Air 9 x 12 $950.00
My Paintings from the Plein Air Invitational at Zion National Park 2012
   All Varnished Watercolors
Tucked In - Zion National Park
Plein Air 10 x 8 750.00 sold
Pinnacle Patterns - Zion Nat'l Park Plein Air 10 x 8 sold
My Quick Draw
Zion Nat'l Park
Plein Air 10 x 8 sold
Middle Patriarch Seen From the Switch-backs
Zion National Park Plein Air 9 x 12 950.00
Tumbled - Zion National Park
Plein Air 9 x 12 sold
Formations Along the Switchbacks - Zion Nat'l Park
Plein Air 14 x 11 1200.00
Pinnacles on East Temple Wall
Zion National Park
Plein Air 12 x 9 950.00
The Big Fin at Sinawava
Zion National Park
Plein Air 12 x 9 950.00 sold
Guardian of The Throne - Zion National Park
Plein Air 10 x 8 750.00
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