"Ariella" image: 30x22 watercolor
"Friends at Big Bend" image: 20x28
"River Walk" "Isaac"
From the Temple of Sinawava Area From The Court of the Patriarchs
"Sunshine on Zion Cliff" "Zion Puzzle Pieces"
Major Paintings From The Park
View from Point Imperial -                                                                                 10.5"  x 22.5"                                                
Red Rock                                               14" x 18" 
Blue and Gold                                                14" x 18"
Golden Stone                                               16" x 20"
Morning Light                                         8" x 10" 
Moon Glow                                                                                                                          11"  x 30"
Stacks and Stacks                                            18" x 14"
Three Sisters                                                     31" x 21"
Looking South East from Pt. Imperial                                                                                                          11"  x 22"
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Grand Canyon Paintings