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Book Description:
Grow in awareness, know yourself at deeper levels, give yourself permission, and begin through drawing to gain confidence and competence in your artistic work and artistic future.
Be the artist you want to be..."I Think ~ Therefore I Art" is set up as a text book in many ways with assignments of many kinds. There are assignments aimed specifically at personal artistic recognition, acceptance and growth. Other assignments are aimed at gaining, once and for all, real skills, a deeper understanding and greater confidence in your drawing and unraveling the mysteries and magic of perspective. Gloria believes these are the very things that hold back many an artistic pursuit. These assignments have grown out of years of teaching workshops and are designed to promote growth in one's individual style and work.
The first part of the book is about becoming an artist, being an artist and living the life of an artist. The second part of the book is instructional drawing lessons and practical perspective lessons. She gives assignments, exercises and many examples to help in these pursuits. The third part of the book is about goal setting and keeping you on your personal artistic path.
The book sets you to THINKING about 'good stuff' and living the good life possible when you are following your dreams and allowing those dreams to change and grow with time:
Gloria has a great deal of confidence in the perpetual gift of creativity given to human beings. In her book she explores this gift with her students and readers who, by their very human nature, find that drawing and painting can be a very special way to accept, enjoy, explore and stand in awe of the gifts of living on this little planet.
Two Books:  
I THINK ~ THEREFORE I ART - Published in 2012
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8" x 8"  Soft Cover
130 pages
A sprinkled with poems, paintings, personal stories, academic studies and lessons in drawing. 
2nd Book
More of a coffee table book - 8" x 8"
Soft Cover $61.00   from author
Hard cover $77.00   from author
Also available from Xlibris Publishing Co.
Signed copies available from the author at
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170 pages of original Paintings and Poems by the author
Book Description: 
"This book is a collection of over 300 works (paintings and poems) that arrived on my pages during the past 40 years.  The difficulty was in choosing which ones to include, because there are so many.  I guess you could say this book took 40 years to write.  Within it's pages I share a small part of my artistic journey.  It has been an incredibly rich life-path. "
This book makes a great gift item....