Original Watercolors
I enjoy working in series and some of these Series have been on going for many years. Paintings shown below are selected from my personal favorites or have been in National Exhibits. Some are for sale and are indicated as such with prices and the name of the Gallery where they may be purchased. Click on Gallery links for gallery contact.
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Samples from My Canyon Wall Series
Samples of My Animal Series
Samples Of Landscapes
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Out Of The Darkness Into The Light ~ 2006 AWS
image: 22 x 32                                         Sold
A Safe Place To Land ~ Zion Park image:    16 x 20    1000.00  studio
Licit Hieroglyphs            image: 25 x 25                sold
High Up In Red Rock Country                   image: 22 x 30           Juniper Sky Gallery in UT.                            $2000.00               
Eons of Time ~ Navajo Sandstone             image: 20 x 30
2012 National Watercolor Society Exhibit             $2000.00
Samples from My Americana Series
Tea For Two               image: 11 x 15             sold
Captain's Chairs            image: 11 x 15         sold
Mrs. McDermott's Porch    image: 30 x 21   sold
Red Geraniums                 image: 11 x 15     $650.00
Wicker and Blue Stripes    image: 11 x 15   $650.00
Triple Trouble             image: 11 x 15             sold
Little Goats         image: 11 x 15          sold
Little Bullets           image 11 x 15          sold
Stripes                       image 15 x 22                      sold
image 7 x 5 $65.00
Night and Day ~ Brahma Series                  image 22 x 32                    sold
Samples of My Boat Series
All Tide-Up
framed size: 27 x 33       The Lawrence Gallery       $1400.00
Gathering Place                 image: 15 x 22               sold
Experienced II         Lawrence Gallery $850
All In A Huddle             framed size: 25 x 32            sold
Ready Little Boats       image size 11 x 15      sold
Along the Virgin River ~ Utah                                               image: 22 x 38                             sold
Willamette Wine Country ~ Oregon
framed size: 27 x 33             Lawrence Gallery                   $1400.00
Along the Siletz ~ Oregon
framed size 27 x 33           Lawrence Gallery            $1400.00
Constant Renewal - Oregon       oversized watercolor       Lawrence Gallery $3800.00              sold
Samples of Figurative Work
Kenya ~ African Series
oversized watercolor               Lawrence Gallery              Sold
Zimbabwe ~ African Series
oversized watercolor             Lawrence Gallery             Sold
The Band Man ~ John Philliph Miller ~ New Orleans    image:15 x 22   NFS
Message from John                      image: 22 x 30           personal collection
Canyon Steps ~ 2005 AWS    image:22 x 32        2500.00 studio
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